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Review Policy

HI, I AM CURRENTLY OPEN TO ACCEPTING BOOK REVIEW REQUESTS. I will be glad to consider reviewing you book if it meets the review policy below.

I am interested in a lot of genres of book and as long as it contains a great plot, I am likely to accept it. However there are some genres which I don’t review.


  • Fantasy/ Science Fiction
  • Mystery/ Crime
  • Historical Fiction
  • Young Adult
  • Romance


  • Non fiction
  • Horror
  • Poetry
  • Biographies and Autobiographies
  • Religious Fiction

  • Paperback and Hardback (Mostly preferred)
  • Digital Copies( E pub or Kindle)

If you think your book is suitable for me after reading the above, kindly contact me at my E-mail  with details of the book (title, author, number of pages, publisher), with a short summary/ blurb. I will try to respond within 2-3 days.

Review will be posted on my blog and on Goodreads.

Thanks for checking out my blog!

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