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The Turning Pointe by Vanessa L. Torres | Book Tour

The Turning Pointe 

Author : Vanessa L Torres 

Publisher : Knopf

Release Date : March 8, 2022

Genre : YA Historical Fiction


A bold and emotionally gripping novel about a teenage Latinx girl finding freedom through dance and breaking expectations in 1980s Minnesota.

When sixteen-year-old Rosa Dominguez pirouettes, she is poetry in pointe shoes. And as the daughter of a tyrant ballet Master, Rosa seems destined to become the star principal dancer of her studio. But Rosa would do anything for one hour in the dance studio upstairs where Prince, the Purple One himself, is in the house.

After her father announces their upcoming auditions for a concert with Prince, Rosa is more determined than ever to succeed. Then Nikki–the cross-dressing, funky boy who works in the dance shop–leaps into her life. Weighed down by family expectations, Rosa is at a crossroads, desperate to escape so she can show everyone what she can do when freed of her pointe shoes. Now is her chance to break away from a life in tulle, grooving to that unmistakable Minneapolis sound reverberating through every bone in her body. 

My Thoughts

Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Turning Pointe is a beautiful story of love, friendship, passion and family all in one.

I loved how the author kept it real in terms of the pain and trauma , both physical and emotional, that Rosa felt throughout the story. Also, I loved how the characters were fleshed out so well. Each of them had their own story to tell. Rosa was so real as a character. She made her share of bad decisions but I could clearly see from where she was coming from. I loved the development she had through the story and how she learned to forgive herself and others around her. I adored Nikki and his confidence and strength.

The Turning Pointe is a very well written debut novel by Torres. The raw and honest style of writing with the dimensional characters kept me hooked throughout. Definitely one of my best reads this year.


Vanessa L. Torres is former dancer and an author of books for young readers. She loves to read anything with a vivid setting, but there’s a special place in her heart for urban tales. She was born and raised in Minneapolis Minnesota, and now lives in Olympia Washington with her husband and daughter. When she’s not writing, she balances her time between anything outdoors, and her other job as a firefighter/paramedic. And when the snow hits, you might catch a glimpse of her ski patrolling on the mountain.

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