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Awaken by B.L.Callaghan – Book Tour

I am so excited to be hosting a spot on the AWAKEN by B.L. Callaghan Blog Tour hosted
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TITLE : Awaken (The Goddess Incarnate #1)
AUTHOR : B.L. Callaghan
PUBLICATION DATE : August 12, 2020
PUBLISHER : Bianca Callaghan
FORMAT : Paperback, eBook
PAGES : 340
FIND IT : Goodreads, Amazon, Kindle, B&N, TBD


Sapphira Dawn was told she was the new Goddess Incarnate, the most powerful being on Earth.
At nineteen, she didn’t feel powerful – she felt betrayed and angry.
Suddenly thrust into a world that she knows nothing about, a world where magic and monsters actually exist, Sapphira races to learn all she can about her magic.
And to find her place in this dangerous new world.
Some of the monsters want to use her, the others just want her dead.
But can she gain the knowledge needed to stop an impending war before it spills into the human realm she once called home.

“Sapphira has got to be one the best MC’s I have come across of late!… I cannot wait to see where the rest of this story heads!” – Jade Francis, Author of Siren Calls

“If you’re wanting to dive into an excellent example of the fantasy world, where the cruel Gods use their power over the world and its inhabitants to their advantage this book is for you. I turned the last page and the word that came to mind was…Excellent. I am looking forwarding to reading the next book in the series. I highly recommend you grab a copy for yourself.” – Stephanie B. Whitfield, Author of Hidden in Roll.


Rating – 4.0/5.0

While reading Awaken, I felt like I was being teleported to a whole other different world where every paranormal creature imaginable lived. The author did a wonderful job of explaining the characters and the plot. Although it became a little overwhelming in the middle with so many new characters and plot lines, if taken the time to read slowly, Awaken can be a delightful read.

The story begins with Saphhira coming down to enjoy a gathering with her friends Fallon, Colte and Ari when she is attacked by a group of Soul Eaters. They were deformed men who started to take her power from her. Her soul left her body and she could see her physical form, on the ground, unconscious while her power was being siphoned. Just when she was feeling that she would pass out from the excruciating pain, she heard a calm voice calling out to her. It was from the Sidhe Queen. She moved between the men and her and snapped the link connecting them and saved her.

However, a person never survives a Soul Eater attack and those who do are infected. To heal her and save her life, her friends hurriedly took Saphhira to a Moroi safe house, commanded by Abhijay, a vampire. That incident started a chain of events that totally changed her life forevermore. She learned that her friends were not whom she thought them to be and she was not at all the simple normal girl that she believed herself to be.

Awaken felt more like a movie than a book, the story so beautifully unfolding as if meant to be. I loved the chemistry between all the characters. The friendship between Saphhira and Ari was my favourite. The author did a marvellous job in creating a world infused with fantasy and magic and I would definitely recommend it.


B.L. Callaghan is an Australian Foster Carer and Educator with over a decade of industry
She runs the Facebook page “More Than A Foster Carer”, where she shares her experience working with the foster system.
B.L. Callaghan lives in rural New South Wales with her husband, a changing number of children, a dog and some chickens.
As a self proclaimed creative soul, she has had a passion for writing fiction from an early age. When she’s not wrangling chickens, children, or dogs, B.L. Callaghan love tagging along on epic quests, and being whisked off on magical adventures.
B.L. Callaghan write children’s books for children in the foster care system, as well as YA and NA titles.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Goodreads | Amazon | BookBub


3 winners will win a finished copy of AWAKEN, International. (copy will be signed if the winner lives in Australia).

Participate in the giveaway HERE.

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