Double Deceit by Julienne Brouwers


When Jennifer’s husband, a hotshot lawyer from Amsterdam, is found dead at a holiday park during a weekend getaway, the young mother’s world is turned on its head. Convinced that the police have failed in their investigation, she embarks on a desperate quest for the truth. The deeper she digs, the more she gets sucked into a tangled web of lies, spun by a ruthless law firm and instigated by greed.

As her search for answers intensifies, her grip on reality weakens. Barely able to manage her patients at the health clinic, or take care of her young son, Jennifer is at risk of losing it all – even her closest friends begin to desert her. A chance encounter with a charming stranger sparks a new chain of events that plunges her deeper into a world of threats and corruption, and she begins to fear for her life. Who can she trust, and how far will she go in pursuit of the truth?


Rating – 4.5/5

I have now realized that I absolutely love thriller novels. They are the best of the genres and I end up rating most of my thriller reads 4 stars and above and this was not an exception. Double Deceits started with a blast and kept up with it for the rest of the book. This read made me very sceptical about all the characters and I ended up doubting all of them.

So what is this book about? Double Deceits is filled with plot twists and revelations so I will try to sum it up without giving away too much information. Jennifer’s husband Oliver, is a lawyer at a very prestigious law firm Mason & McGant. Due to having some problems in their marriage, they decided to give their marriage another try and to patch things up by spending some time at a holiday park. However after an outburst from Jennifer after their son Tim, gets lost under Oliver’s care, he leaves the house in a fit of anger. A worried Jennifer finds out the next day that Oliver is dead. Apparently, he had a terrible accident and slipped down a slope and hit his head. Although the police and the detective presiding over the case, seem to believe that there is no foul play involved, Jennifer is not so sure. She is determined to finding out more about the circumstances in which her husband died and to check for herself his death was really due to bad luck or something greater.

It is safe to say that Double Deceits was one hell of a book. I had my doubts about every character involved. I, at one point, started suspecting Jennifer too, doubting if she was really insane and making all this stuff up or if this was indeed something more than an accident. The author has done an impeccable job in crafting out a plot that is not only very interesting to read but one which is packed with little packets of surprises all the way through.

Jennifer is a character that I really look up to. She toughened herself after her husband’s sudden death and took up the responsibility of risking her everything just to find about it without any support system.

Overall, Double Deceit was a great read. I love mystery and revelations so this was surely my cup of tea. It has rightfully earned a place among my favourite books in this genre and I definitely recommend it to all thriller lovers.

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