A guide on how to find good books to read (for beginner bookworms)

During the very beginning of my journey as a bookworm and while entering the community, the first question I had was how to find good books to read. Now, once you find out the sources you can only go downhill from there because the major probability is you will end up with a never ending TBR. So, if you are one of the newbie bookworms this post is for you.

1. Goodreads

You have probably already heard of it. Goodreads is an awesome community of readers and authors. You can choose the book of your choice and searching your favorite genre or author. Further you can also write reviews about your favorite book and rant about the ones you didn’t like.

2. Search for books online

Search the internet by your favorite author or your favorite genre. There are various websites online about the books you should try based on your interests.

         There is an awesome blog online Bookart101 which has various lists of books. You can find a list of awesome books that have movie adaptations and also lists of books that your favorite author has written. I love the website and would highly recommend it for searching new books to add to your TBR.

3. Friends and Family

 Some books have an awesome blurb but the writing may be disappointing. So you may ask your friends and family for recommending books because they have already read it and will give you  genuine reviews whether you like the book or not.

4. Recommendations from bookstore employees

  Often bookstore employees are crazy booklovers just like us. Ask them for recommendations based on your interests and you never know, you might end with your favorite books of all times.

5. Library

  Libraries are literally the best place. A wide range of books to read with the added bonus that they are free. Talk to the staff and check out an interesting book to read. You can sit down and read in the library itself or if you wan you can rent the book.

6. Check out the Prize winners

 Check out the winners of The Booker Prize or the Woman’s Prize for Fiction. The prizes for the books are given after thorough  reading by a number of esteemed people so you will definitely find some gems worth reading in the lists. The lists contain some of my most favorite books.

7. Penguin Classics

 Classic are an all time favorite. Though sometimes they may be a bit difficult o understand and interpret, however classics are according to me a timeless joy to it readers. The Penguin Classics selection is very impressive and is a great start for finding great classic novels.

2 thoughts on “A guide on how to find good books to read (for beginner bookworms)

  1. Hey you forgot Book Bloggers :-D. Just kidding. You have a great list there. I mostly go by word of mouth from friends and family, because I know their tastes and they know mine. And of course there’s social media. I love Goodreads too. I go and check the best and worst reviews before I make up my mind.

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