10 Bookish things to do in quarantine

With the world going into lockdown mot of us have suddenly a lot of time in our hands.Me? Oh, its the same assignments,tests and school work. But if you are one of the few lucky ones who have time and the work load is not too intense, here are 10 Bookish things you can try out while in quarantine.

1. Read a Book(DUH!!)

What better way to spend time than by reading a book. You can take this time to finish you long awaited TBR or if you are out of books you can try out audio books as well. E-books are also an excellent option. You can watch videos or posts about the books you can read.

I love Cami’s video of some books you can read in quarantine.

2.Get Lost in Pottermore

For all the potterheads out there, Pottermore is the place to be or should I say THE WIZARDING WORLD. If you haven’t been on the Pottermore site yet you are missing out BIG TIME! Participate in the quizzes, find out your Hogwarts House, your wand , your patronus and so much more!

Just if you are curious, I am a proud Ravenclaw and my wand is Silver lime wood with a phoenix feather core, 10 ¾” and slightly yielding flexibility and my patronus is a crow.

3. Have a photoshoot for your books

There is whole community of Book lovers on Instagram who post gorgeous bookish pictures called bookstagrammers. Hunt for props around your house that will go with the color and theme of the books and proper lighting and click away. It’s a really fun way to spend your time.

Search #bookstagram on instagram for inspiration or check out Stefie’s account here.

4.Write a book review

Just finished a book and have no one to talk to because you are self isolating? Fear not my fellows. Write a review and rant your feelings about the characters and the story all you want. Post the review on Goodreads or just open a book blog to know more books lovers or maintain a review diary. Endless possibilities…

Check out how to open a book blog here.

5.Create a bookish journal spread

For those who love bullet journalling this is great idea. Make a journal spread about books in your TBR, Harry Potter spread, bookish stats, books you are reading this year and frankly, anything you want.

To get started and for inspiration check out this blog.

6.Organize your books

Now that you have time in this period of self isolation do the one thing that you have been putting off for the longest time a.k.a clean our bookshelf. Dust it one. Tell me if you remember the last time you did this. Why stop there? Organize and sort out your shelf according to color, alphabetically, according to genre any way you like. believe me it’s prime satisfaction after you finish it.

7.Paint you favorite character

If you love drawing then this is the thing to do. Illustrate you favorite characters form your favorite novel. How do you suppose they look? What dress they would wear? How would they look in the latest fashion trends. Illustrate all your imagination and share your ideas.

8. Goodreads

Goodreads is not just a site for book review. There is so much more to it. Join new groups on goodreads and chat about your bookish ideas , check out various lists of books and make your own lists of titles you would love to read. Participate in giveaways and get lost in the bookish community.

9.Bake something bookish

Many pleople find calmness and happiness in baking. Why not add a twist to it and ake bookish things. The thing which I would like to try is to make Harry Potter inspired cauldron cakes. For inspiration, you can look through Bradley’s series on Youtube “My Harry Potter Kitchen”.

Here is the recipe of those amazing cauldron cake.

10.Make a Book inspired playlist

There are a lot of bookish playlists on Spotify for most of your favorite books. You can also curate your own bookish playlists for the the books you like on the app.

I absolutely love the Six of Crows playlist on spotify.

How are you spending time in quarantine? What bookish stuff are you doing to spend your time?

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