How my reading tastes have changed over the years

The first memory I have of reading was with my mother. I had a huge book filled with black letters and they told the tale of a little bunny on an adventure with his mother. Unfortunately I don’t have the book now and I have forgotten the story. The joy I felt was so fascinating that the memory of that little incident has stayed with me till this day.

I used to read a lot of short stories in the early days of my childhood. I used to read one story from a book in bed at night and after reading I would put the book under my bed and go to sleep. I kind of believed that I had good dreams when I had a book under my pillow Those were mainly children’s books. I also read a lot of children’s books from the school library such as Wizard of Oz and Charlie and the chocolate factory.

A huge part of my childhood has been spent reading the works of Ruskin Bond. ‘The Room On The Roof’was the first romantic book I had ever read. The vivid description and the beauty with which he saw India made me fall in love with his works. During the next year or so, I continued reading his collection of short stories and I remember loving every single one of them. I can proudly say that now I almost have his entire collection in my bookshelf.

After devouring as much of Ruskin Bond as I could I started reading romance novels by both Indian and International authors. The transition really occurred because my classmates had recently moved on to those books and to keep up I thought I would also give them a try just to discuss with them. I read great books and some which were not very good. I loved the cheesy romantic stuff but some were just unrealistic and pure gross. It was a very short phase though.

I don’t know why but all these time I had remained oblivious of the my now favorite author of children’s novels, Enid Blyton. I bought the first book of The famous Five rather reluctantly as it was a huge 21 book series. However needless to say i feel in love with her writing and completed all 21 within a matter of 6 months.

You might be wondering why I have not mentioned the famous Harry Potter series yet. Because I absolutely hated it. Now hear me out. When I was little I was browsing through the TV channels when I saw a glimpse of the scene in Harry Potter and The Chamber of secrets where Ron as vomiting slugs and I was so disgusted by the scene I decided I would never read the books nor watch the movies. But I couldn’t keep my curiosity for long and after reading Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone I realized how wrong I was. I love the series obviously and my favorite character is Luna Lovegood.

I love Agatha Christie and her works. Murder on the Orient express was my absolute favorite. After reading her works I grew more inclined towards reading crime and thriller novels. I read a lot of Sherlock Holmes and his Indian equivalent Feluda created by the great Indian filmmaker and writer Satyajit Ray.

After joining the Bookstagram community and blogging community I grew more inclined towards fantasy, sci-fi and YA novels. They are my escape from the troubles of the real world. It’s like when I can’t take care of my own problems I watch them solve their own. The Priory of the Orange Tree is fascinating so is the Six of Crows duology.

My reading tastes are of course going to change in the coming years but I have a feeling when I will become an old Grandma I would be sneakily reading romance novels under my blanket.

How have your reading tastes changed? Is there any genre you specially love?

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