Wrap ups

Two Months wrap up-January-February

I really wanted to do a monthly wrap up each month of 2020.But January is long gone and February has also slipped away. So I have come up with a new idea. To write a dual monthly review. I know it is unusual and I have seen quarterly wrap up, annual wrap ups but never this one. But I have already decided on it. So here we go

I completed my finals

My second last year of school has come to an end. My results will be out on 21st of March and after that, my last year of school. So excited for this year!

I had a mini vacation

I visited Andhra Pradesh, a state in my country with my parents. It was a lovely trip and this was very much needed.We visited beaches and mountains.


  1. The Tanglewood Wedding Shop by Lilac Mills
  2. Becoming by Michelle Obama
  3. The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien
  4. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins


  1. 6 Of My Most Favorite Blue Books
  2. New Year’s Book Tag


All the 4 books I reading these two months were pretty wonderful though very different in genres. It is thus very difficult for me to choose my favorite. However I fell Becoming stands out to me the most. I loved the narration, the raw emotions that the book had to offer. i don’t really enjoy autobiographies but this has easily become my favorite.


I haven’t read the book yet but the movie was so fricking amazing. I cried my heart out watching this. In fact the last time I cried this much was when I read The Kite Runner. The movie was so beautiful. It has definitely become one of my favorite romance movies.

What were your favorite reads this month? Any great movies that you watched and recommend watching?