The Great Escape by Fiona Gibson

Hi! I just finished reading The Great Escape. This is my first book of Fiona Gibson and it didn’t turn out be a disappointment. Even though the story turned out to be quite predictable but was overall a nice choice for some light reading. The story is not a humorous read like her other books however it did give a few advices on the way.

The story starts at a farewell party for Hannah , one of the three art students occupying the first floor of 61, Garnet Street in Glasgow. Sadie and Lou complete the gang with Johnny their friend from the upstairs flat. Spike a twenty-four-year-old-student who is also Lou’s boyfriend stays with them.Hannah is moving to London next day to join a job of an in-house illustrator. At the end of the party Johnny confesses to Lou that his girlfriend Rona is pregnant and his world is tumbling apart.

Fast forward to thirteen years , Hannah is preparing for her wedding to Ryan. While her fiancĂ© adores her, his ten-year-old daughter Daisy and fourteen-year-old Josh couldn’t be less delighted. Hannah tries to win their hearts but is constantly rejected even to the point of reconsidering her decision to marry Ryan because of the children’s reluctance.

Meanwhile Sadie has been married for four years and is mother of two beautiful twin boys, Milo and Dylan. she stays with her husband Barney in a little village. Although Sadie tries too hard fit in to the ‘mummy’ role and the too plain life in the little village Little Hissingham she lives in contrast to her life in London. She teribbly misses her job as an art teacher. She feels herself losing touch with her old self and and turns into a mum obssessed over if she is doing anything wrong in bringing up her babies. Things turn almost practical between her and Barney. She hardy seem to be enjoying her motherhood.

Lou is still living with her boyfriend Spike, in a rented apartment. Spike a 48 year old man is still jobless. She works at Let’s Bounce a kids soft play centre instead for pursuing her dream of becoming a jewellery designer just to earn money. Spike isn’t helping either. The useless man he is , not only is he just feeding on Lou’s income but is also cheating on her.

So at a time when all of their lifes seems to be a mess, Hannah calls them for a hen party to Glasgow, the place where they spent their college years . It turns out to be a savior in all their lives. There they meet Felix a very friendly guy with whom they all bond easily over champagne and truffles. On reaching they meet Johhny their old college friend and everg problem they ever had seemed to lessen by sharing with them all.

This read was very light-hearted. It deals with common problems faced by most women. It is a story of hope and revival showing that after a long time of distress things do eventually sort out. The writing style was lucid and easy to read.

Overall It is a great read.


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